Mark Anthony 'Tony' Hepburn (b. December 10, 2109) is a former conciliar prosecutor, Interuniversal Intelligence Agency advisor, High Council Presidential Advisor, Prince Consort of Trelanc Kingdomand The King of Olympian Pantheon.

Early Life and Background Edit

Hepburn was born in Old York City, and is the son of Julius Hepburn, then High Council Member and now High Council President, and doctor Julia Hepburn. Like his younger brother January Nero Hepburn, his name also comes from the Ancient Roman History. He attended to The Stewart College with his brother, and graduated with honours degree. After that he moved on to Old York University where he studied law. He got his master's degree from the same university, but from political sciences.

His mother Julia Hepburn got cancer and eventually died during his second year in college, which lead to a bunch of psychological breakdowns, and a suicide attempt. Six months after his mother's death, his distant uncle Merrill Hepburn went on public television and claimed that Hepburn was locked down because his father was too busy focusing on the upcoming election. A week after this comment, Hepburn went in front of cameras and explained how it was a necessary measure that both him and his father agreed on, because he couldn't handle the pressure.

During his undergrad years, he became very close with Prince George Botterill of Sector Beta, and was later his best man in Botterill's wedding. He finished college two years later than expected, but still managed to get an honours degree.

Career Edit

After completing several internships at Hepburn Conglomerate's law departments, he got in to the Department of Law and Justice as an assistant conciliar prosecutor. This created controversy among public for Julius Hepburn happened to be the head of the same department, but later provided crucial help for a treason case; which led him to be promoted to conciliar prosecutor.

He also served as an advisor to Interuniversal Intelligence Agency, especially for preparing the bills necessary for the Colonisation of Mars project. High Council considered assigning him personally to Mars as a representative of Department of Law and Justice; but he refused.

Hepburn left conciliar prosecution on his own accord in March 2150, showing exhaustion and disinterest in the position as his reasons. He later worked as a campaign manager in his father's Presidential Election bid; and was promoted to Presidential Advisor when Julius Hepburn got elected.

The Angelique Case Edit

In February 2145, a young man named Jack Hopewell was found murdered in a train station. During the regular investigation, there were a lot of illogical dead ends; so Sector Beta Police Chief Ellen Hayes personally collected all the information about the case and went to Conciliar Prosecution instead of Sectoral because she believed it went a lot deeper than a regular man being murdered. Conciliar Prosecution assigned Karen Keighley to the case; and Keighley allowed an investigation to take place.

Anthony Hepburn was initially not involved in this case, however when the case prosecutor Karen Keighley ran into problems getting information from necessary people, she asked for his help. He agreed, and in his words "used some unethical methods to convince people to talk about this". Later it would be found out that he threatened them with going to his father with the current information and ending some people's political careers.

Case led him to start his relationship with Keighley, whom he eventually got married to.

The Olympian Pantheon Involvement Edit

After several assassination attempts which failed, Hepburn met someone from a different universe named Thyren Hyiressen. Hyiressen claimed to be a leytian and that he was there to save Hepburn's life. Aside from everything, they looked identical, which helped Hepburn to stay less cynical towards everything.

Later it was revealed by Martyn Blackburn that Hyiressen and Hepburn were actually twins, their father was the Olympian King Zeus, and their mother happened to be Lyshia Hyiressen. In return, Hepburn and Hyiressen killed Zeus; claiming his throne. Hepburn was named Anthony Anax by Olympians.

Kingdom of Central Lands Involvement Edit

When his wife Karen Keighley revelaed to be the Queen of Central Lands, Hepburn automatically got the title Prince Consort of Central Lands. His situation with Olympians and his relation with Thyren Hyiressen kept hidden except for a few notable Trelanc nobles; such as Exhalen Sylanen.

Personal Life Edit

He is married to Karen Keighley, whom he has a son with. Hepburn, Keighley and their son Maximillian Marcel Keigley-Hepburn live both in Hysseren, Trelanc, and Old York City.