Flerl'en Kesthiren also known as The God of Fate or Martyn is the oldest god in Liffelian Pantheon. He was one of the key players in the foundation of Liffelen.

Time Before Liffelen Edit

His peers, whose names remain unknown, either were killed by humans or killed themselves after seeing what humans did to the others when they did not want to use their powers for them. Adopting the name Martyn, he remained hidden as a low tier basket weaver.

When the New Gods appeared, he found them and used his powers to tie their fates so that they could stick together. He spent time with all of them, but especially with Madison who was going to be Flerl'en Ashren.

When kids got caught by the humans to be experimented, he helped them escape and watched Madison destroying the universe as they knew it, only to found a new one from its ashes.

The new universe was called Liffelen, meaning beginning.

Building A New Universe Edit

When Madison went insane day by day, he was to first to notice what she actually needed. Being deeply in love with her, he wanted to give it to her. So he went ahead to build a new universe from the ground, just to make it her plaything.

Madison refused his offer, but she explained him what she was going to do next. Knowing she was not going to survive that confrontation he left, and didn't return to Liffelen again after her funeral, for a very long time.

The Contingency, Death and Return Edit

Around five thousands year after that he joined a festival and fell in love with a leytian named Lyshia Hyiressen. To avoid Flerl'en Sylen Alexei's possible objections, he told them that he picked Lyshia as his leytian.

The Contingency Edit

Lyshia manipulated him into give her more powers, and he obliged, but realised she would eventually kill him for all the powers he had. He prepared a contingency plan involving a book that would contain all his memories, a few charms that would make everyone forget about him, and giving Lyshia the illusion that she got what she wanted.

The Death Edit

One night, Lyshia stabbed him through the heart with the information she got from him, thinking it would help her stealing all his powers. He died, and per his request nobody questioned anything when she told others that he gave his powers up voluntarily.

The Return Edit

When he planned his return, he picked a very-into-the-future young prince named Martyn Blackburn. Blackburn had time travel powers; and somehow their roads crossed with Lyshia. Lyshia trusted him, making him her right hand man. But when she ordered Blackburn to take out Eryc Miller, Prometheus -- thinking it was time -- activated the contingency plan. He regained his memories, and started to plan his return.

He put his plan in action by informing Zeus about Mark Anthony Hepburn and Thyren Hyiressen, but he also didn't want Zeus to win so he helped the twins to survive by giving them clues.

Eventually he killed Lyshia and absorbed all the power he gave her years ago, making a full return.

Accomplices Edit

After regaining his memories, he started collecting accomplices. He had three of them; who were his leytians in the actual meaning of the word.

Valentine Edwards Edit

He saved Valentine when she was ten years old, and put her through extreme training until she grew up. Aside from her training, Valentine has the ability to pass through solid objects. She is his most trusted henchperson.

Alya Markovich Edit

He recruited her from Special Operations, after she was wrongly blamed for treason. Using his authority to pardon her, he made him her personal guard, which she still has as her job title. Alya has the ability to get into people's memories.

Ferran Ferrer Edit

Also recruited from Special Operations, but by saving his life. When Ferran quitted Special Operations upon seeing his brother's work as a torturer, his handler ordered Ferran's death. Martyn saved him, offering him a job. Ferran currently is Damien's personal guard. He has the ability to manipulate senses.

The Chaos Problem Edit

After his return, he started a relationship with Flerl'en Ligenca. They had a son, named Damien Seth. Later they realised he was Madison's successor as Flerl'en Ashren; which worried both of them for they knew how bad Madison went because she couldn't control her powers.

He tried to trick Damien's powers by making Damien slow the time in the universe they live in; but it later proved worthless. Damien managed to stop himself from going insane by killing himself, which made Martyn realise what a mistake he was making by limiting Damien.