Aubrey Sterling Hyland (born November 19, 2148) is a former special agent under Sectoral Intelligence Bureau, and the current Deputy Director in Interuniversal Intelligence Agency.

Early Life and Background Edit

Hyland was born in Bridge City, as the son of Adelaide Radcliff, current Head of High Council Intelligence Committee, and Alastair Hyland, current Director of Interuniversal Intelligence Agency.

Radcliff and Hyland decided their line of work was too dangerous for becoming a family, and Radcliff's family refused taking the responsibility of Aubrey. Alastair Hyland appointed a retired Bureau trainer, Melanie Markowitz to take care of his son, providing her unlimited supplies to raise him as a project spy.

Aubrey Hyland started getting training by the time he was five, and spent his years in boarding schools. He attended to Angharad Vaughn Preparation School but on his father's request, he completed his high school education in Bridge City Military High School. He later attended to Sector Alpha Military Academy and was immediately taken to Sectoral Intelligence Bureau (SectInt) upon graduation.

During his summer breaks, he was either trained by Melanie Markowitz, or sent to foreign countries for his language educations. He achieved excellent fluency in five different languages; and got proficient in another three.

His Time in SectInt Edit

To avoid any complications, his accessible file was created under the name Aubrey Haller with the codename Platinum Sterling, and he was given Level Three clearance. Most undercover missions he went to were kept completely secret, as they required higher clearance levels which he had, as Aubrey Hyland. The missions he took under the name Aubrey Haller were mostly observe-and-report missions.

His father's close friend Christopher Galloway became his handler in SectInt, but he never knew the relation Galloway and Alastair Hyland had. He continued working there until Operation Heartbleed.

Operation Heartbleed Edit

Heartbleed was a joint operation between High Council Intelligence Committee (IntCom), Conciliar Intelligence Bureau (IntelCon) and Interuniversal Intelligence Agency (IIA). Main objective of Bleeding Heart was to detect the suspected mole amongst SectInt, and gathering enough information to end an upcoming coup d'etat attempt.

Several special agents from SectInt were assigned undercover positions in the organisation made of coup plotters. Being one of them, Aubrey Hyland went deep undercover as the former military member Taylor Atkinson who was supposedly got fired because he was protesting the methods of High Council. He gathered enough information about the hierarchy, and managed to identify some of the key players. But before he could get out; he was burned on purpose to SectInt directors; and got captured.

IntelCon Directorate leaked the fact that Hyland's mother was a high level High Council official; but every single person was given a different position under the condition of full secrecy. Hyland was held hostage as the organisation planned to use him as a leverage; but he also managed to escape with no intentions to return to the headquarters.

Not knowing his burn notice was a part of the plan all along, he blamed himself and tried to stay as hidden as possible -- but at that time, rest of the SectInt was notified about his loss and they were searching for him. In the end, he was found from the subdermal trackers thanks to the efforts of Hyland's most frequent desk agent, Nicholas Walker.

Division Director Noah Williams believed that Hyland was somehow compromised himself, and assuming he was helping the plotters; he ordered a thorough interrogation; but he was stopped by Alastair Hyland, who was present to arrest SectInt General Director Jacques Davidson for being the mole.

In the end, Aubrey Hyland was promoted to Deputy Director of Intelligence Gathering Department in IIA, by the request of his father.

Interuniversal Intelligence Agency Edit

The time he spent at the Intelligence Gathering Department lasted rather short. During The Assassination Attempt at Julius Hepburn he worked closely with Agency's interuniversal connection Antenyr Hepburn. At the end of the events, Hepburn said that he wanted his contact at the agency to be Aubrey Hyland instead Alastair; thus Aubrey Hyland was promoted to be the Deputy Director of the Agency, and he currently holds this title.

Personal Life Edit

Aubrey Hyland is in a relationship with his former desk agent Nicholas Walker, and they live together in Bridge City.