Anthyren 'Thyren' Hyiressen the Third (born on 10th Day of 3rd Month of Fall Solstice) is a former member and Third Commander of Legyrenl’en Goilleren, and currently The King of Olympian Pantheon.

Early Life Edit

Hyiressen was born in Leytianketer to the Hyiressen family leaader Jairren Hyiressen and Fhirya Hyiressen. He was named after Anthyren Hyiressen the First; but he despises the name and insists on being called Thyren.

Although Fhirya Hyiressen wasn't a legionnaire, she was sent for a mission in Olympus which resulted in her death. Hyiressen was five years old when this happened; and after that he started to live under his father's iron grip.

Jairren Hyiressen, on the orders of Flerl'en Sylen pushed his son very hard both emotionally and physically. He forbade his son crying, and he would often physically punish him in the family dungeons.

By the time he was fifteen, Anthyren Hyiressen the Third started self-harming to express his emotions; he began voicing his anti-rules point of views even more, which resulted in him getting punished more and more.

Friendships Edit

During his academy years, he befriended Kyrean Einesser the Second, Brahren Gveriseth and Verian Lyinat. One of his most trusted relatives, and friends, was his distant cousin Adranarya Hyiressen.

The Hyiressen Test Edit

All Hyiressen kids take a test to see if they are loyal enough to the gods. This test involves handing the child a deadly instrument and ordering them to kill themselves as gods requested it.

In Hyiressen's case, he was told he offended Flerl'en Sylen and handed a dull knife to end his own life. He took the opportunity gladly, but failed. This resulted in the entire family being proud of him for being too ready to die for gods, but the real reason behind his acceptance laid the fact that he actually wanted to die.

Relationship with Kyrean Einesser Edit

In their 6th year in the Academy, Hyiressen started dating Kyrean Einesser. Despite having non-emotional relationships was perfectly okay in Leytianketer; being romantically involved was something never approved -- and Hyiressen got into trouble when he professed his love for Einesser when he was eighteen, in front of the entire Leytianketer.

This resulted in him being severely punished by his father, to the point of almost dying. He was saved by Kyrean Einesser, who was unofficially Leytianl'en Frea, and was treated in Flerketer until he got better. He moved in with his great aunt Legionnaire Erstyla Hyiressen; but his relationship with Einesser didn't survive as they broke up, yet remained best friends.

Legion Selections Edit

When he was accepted to the Legyrenl’en Goilleren, he knew he was going to serve for Flerl'en Sylen whom he blamed for his mother's death. To prevent that from happening; he objected to the selections on the ceremony day, saying what would happen if the gods weren't good enough of a match for the leytians. Flerl'en Sylen, although surprised, granted him the chance to select his own god, congratulating Hyiressen on his courage to raise his voice.

Hyiressen's initial plan was to agitate Flerl'en Sylen enough to get killed; but when he saw it was not going to happen, he picked Flerl'en Haylen, Flerl'en Sylen's son, and got the Third Commander rank in the legion as the First Commander is always Flerl'en Frea Peases' leytian; and the Second Commander has to be Flerl'en Sylen's.

Weapons Edit

As a part of his training in the Academy he is an excellent swordsman. His main weapon is a longsword, which he also can use with his left hand alone. He also had experience with katanas, during the time he spent on Earth. His specialty is archery, he is especially highly trained on shooting while on the move (either flying, or running). But he doesn't use a bow and arrow on the regular, for it is hard to conceal them during missions except for assassinations.

He is also capable of using handguns, but usually less successfully.

Life on Earth 2050 Edit

Taking the name Anatoly Romanov, he posed as Flerl'en Haylen's personal guard. He and Flerl'en Haylen spent most of their times in Flerl'en Kryessin's bar, but he also was assigned to several different missions for Flerl'en Sylen.

He was quite ruthless, and more impatient during that time, going ahead to eliminate all the threats to Flerl'en Haylen. During a sniper attack, he shielded Flerl'en Haylen with himself, getting shot in the head; but that didn't stop him chasing the sniper and killing him violently to make an example.

He got rid of some of the bodies and all of the evidence by taking all of them to Leytianketer; which proven to be useful when under no circumstances there was a link found between him and the murders.

The Olympian Pantheon Involvement Edit

He got involved in the pantheon upon being assigned to the mission of saving Mark Anthony Hepburn's life. The night Martyn Blackburn revealed both of them to be sons of Zeus and Lyshia Hyiressen; he was choked to death by his half-brother Ares, and was brought back to life by Hepburn with the help of The Gentlemen's Club.

Upon learning this, he proceeded to burn his wings in Leytianketer; both as a sign of him no longer being a leytian, and as a way of paying respect to his mother who was buried after her wings were burned. Later he declared war on Olympus, and killed Zeus with help from his brother Hepburn; and they claimed the Olympian throne.

With the suggestion from Athena that he cannot rule Olympus with a Liffelian name, he adopted the name Antenyr meaning warrior. He is either called Antenyr Anax or Antenyr Anastater by Olympians.

Personal Life Edit

He has been romantically involved with Flerl'en Haylen, and they live together.